Sunday, September 3, 2017

Bo Bice Signs on as Producer of The Ventures Documentary

August 17, 2017 
Contact: Bert Hesse, CEO Studio South Holdings
Ann Waters PR, 

Bo Bice Signs on as
Producer of The Ventures Documentary

CHARLOTTE, NC – Musician Bo Bice has agreed to become producer of the long-awaited documentary about The Ventures, the instrumental rock band that influenced Elton John to Blondie and Peter Frampton to George Harrison.

Bice, who has his own record label Sugar Money and is lead singer of the legendary Blood Sweat & Tears, was an American Idol runner up in the fourth season. About The Ventures, he says: “They are single handedly responsible for so many bands who came after them. Without The Ventures there'd be no Aerosmith, Super Tramp, The Who, Boston, Steely Dan, The Beach Boys, etc. The creative guitar sounds and totally original compositions have inspired musicians from every genre for generations. People are still using the tools that The Ventures gave us in sound productions, engineering, recording to this day. The popularity of the band is a cult status in the music business and if you're in the industry you've used techniques, stole sounds and copied production templates from The Ventures both purposefully and subliminally at some point and time in your career.” 

Bice will produce the film along with director Staci Layne Wilson, daughter of The Ventures co- founder Don Wilson, and producers Tim Wilson, Evan Hesse and Tony Fenton.

Studio South Holdings, with offices in Charlotte and Los Angeles, is a film and entertainment management company and will coordinate production and financing of the documentary. CEO of Studio South, Bert Hesse says “adding Bice to the team will add critical musical expertise. To have such a great musical talent like Bo will enhance the overall viewer & listening experience for our audience.”


Friday, September 1, 2017

Greenville's Global Media Park

Contact: Bert Hesse, CEO Studio South Holdings
Ann Waters, 

Greenville’s Global Media Park
Poised to Benefit from
Film, Video and Virtual Reality

GREENVILLE, SC – Production of today’s streaming video, original TV movies and virtual reality experiences calls for studios equipped with technologically advanced cameras and interactive software. With an eye on this fast-changing industry and a desire to bring a positive cultural influence to Greenville, veteran movie producer Bert Hesse and entrepreneur Vivian A. Wong are transforming the 73-acre Global Trade Center into a state-of-the-art facility with purpose- built stages and high-performance structures for film, television, video game and virtual reality (VR) production. Seasoned and first-time filmmakers, video game creators and VR producers will benefit from the envisioned cinematic one-stop shop.

“Ever since Bert told me about this project, I have been excited about the Global Media Park project and the prospect of bringing high-tech, creative jobs and industries to Greenville,” says Wong, who has built numerous successful businesses from restaurants to real estate developments. When Bert Hesse, who has to his credit films and a documentary including the award-winning Cold Storage, proposed the Global Media Park idea to her last fall, she agreed that the property could be a hub and destination for both local and national film makers.

Plans for the first of four phases in the existing building, located at 28 Global Drive, include adding six tenants from the target industries. Tenants in the second phase, in a newly constructed building, will Global Studios and Pacific Ventures.  One Stop Production Supply, a partnership with Lowe’s Home Improvement Centers that provides specialty set materials at a discount, will also be involved on the development.  Hesse is currently searching for Phase 3 and 4 tenants.  Later stages will include retail, a hotel, an entertainment themed restaurant and additional parking.

South Carolina is known for being one of the country's leading incentive states for films and
television series production, and the South Carolina Film Commission looks forward to the
“The creation of high paying, knowledge-based jobs within an industry that is one of America’s leading exports produces a positive effect in local communities where filmed activity takes place. The chance for Greenville to become a beneficiary of this process is something the South Carolina Film Commission hopes for.”

Hesse and Wong are confident Greenville can play a significant role in the film industry that is already expanding rapidly into VR, games and television production. These industry segments are all part of the “Creative Class” said Hesse, and will capitalize on fast growth areas of film and movie production.

Studio South manages entertainment assets, both sound studios and buildings and content. It coordinates the various aspects of the entertainment industry or, as Hesse puts it, “everything you need to create content in one place.” Studio South’s flagship studio will be in Greenville with plans to also re-purpose and build facilities in Austin and Park City.